Castle of the municipality of Taouqrit

The castle is located in the municipality of Taouqrit. It is a Roman settlement dating back to the fourth century AD. It is located on a rocky plateau with a length of 1 km and a width of 300 m, with a unique architecture due to the nature of its rocky location. It also has observation points dug in the mountain without urban preparation, and we also note several water tanks dug in the rocks, and this confirms that the city was in dire need of drinking water due to its high strategic location, which does not allow the construction of water channels. We also point out the presence of the remains of a church, the presence of walls on the western and eastern sides, and the presence of a cemetery on the western side outside the city walls. It is also believed that there is a road linking it with the Roman colony of Arso Narya, located south of the Qelta area in the municipality of El-Moursi, as well as a road linking the castle and the city of Castelium Tangitanum (currently the city of Chlef), according to Pierre Salama in his book Roman Roads.