Our Craftsmanship

The handicraft sector
Selling points of handicraft products:

The traditional industry is an important economic sector. It also works on creating job opportunities and creating positions at the lowest cost. It plays an effective role in the country’s economic progress, especially by contributing to the provision of products and services related to daily living.

And in order to contribute to the embodiment of the goals and the role of this sensitive sector in order to take the position it deserves to take the lead in local development programs and to embody the sustainable development scheme for the traditional industry, and for the promotion and valorization of the traditional industry and its development in the state, as well as the marketing of traditional products, two houses were established For the handicraft industry (in the municipality of Chlef and the municipality of Shatia).

Support structures for traditional industry:

Revitalization of the two houses of traditional industry in the state and the exploitation of the shops located in these spaces by craftsmen in the framework of production , marketing and training, and the process of distributing these shops is carried out on a regular basis, with the aim of benefiting a large segment of craftsmen in various traditional activities.

  • A permanent and permanent place to display and market various traditional products (a mirror for handicrafts).
  • Reunion of state artisans.
  • Contribute to giving the spirit of competition among craftsmen and work on creativity and giving.
  • Creating job opportunities for young craftsmen as well as professionals.
  • Meeting local demand through the diversity and availability of traditional industry products.
  • Encouraging local products to compete, as well as highlighting them in national and international forums.
  • Work to preserve the cultural heritage of the state.
Traditional Products
Product Masterpieces
Used material Copper, wood
Use Decorate
Product Traditionnel clothes
Used material Fabric
Use Weddings and events
Product Masterpieces
Sed material Gypsum
Use Decorate
Product Vase, basket
Used material Dom
Use Decorate
The most important agenda of the events in the field of handicrafts
  • Amazigh New Year “January”: Organizing exhibitions of traditional industry products in coordination with the Chamber of Traditional Industry and Crafts, starting on January 12 of each year in the Handicraft and Chatia Houses.
  • International Women’s Day : Organizing exhibitions to celebrate the occasion, which falls on March 08 of each year, with the participation of female craftswomen and active associations in the sector, to highlight the most important products produced by the Shalefian women.
  • National Memory Day “May 08” : Reviving this demonstration by organizing exhibitions with the aim of introducing the traditional activities that contributed to the great liberation revolution, such as sewing traditional clothes and making all the tools used at the time.
  • National Tourism Day “June 25” : Celebrating the activities of this event by organizing an exhibition of traditional products in order to promote and publicize these products to hotel establishments and tourism agencies.
  • The summer season : Organizing exhibitions of traditional industry from the month of June until the end of August on the beaches of the state, where these exhibitions witness the participation of the states of the south.
  • National Craftsman’s Day “November 09” : A rich and varied program for this important annual celebration includes exhibitions of traditional products and study days for the benefit of craftsmen.
  • The National Award for Handicrafts : Preparation for the success of this event by accompanying the artisans of the state to participate in the best artistic traditional products, in coordination with the Chamber of Handicrafts and Crafts.