Become A Tourist Agent

become a tourist agent
Request a license to exploit the tourism and travel agency
1- In the first stage: before presenting the file to the National Committee for Accreditation of Tourism and Travel Agencies
  • A copy of the owner’s ID card
  • A copy of the manager’s identification card (technical director)
  • A copy of the academic qualification (diploma) of the technical director
  • A copy of the work certificate for the manager (technical director)
  • A copy of the CNAS social security affiliation certificate for the manager (technical director).
  • A copy of the birth contract of the owner and the manager + two solar photos for each.
2- In the second stage: after obtaining the initial approval:
  • Basic Law of the company (in the case of a legal person).
  • A true and certified copy of the ownership contract or the lease of a place of commercial use, with a minimum area of 25 m².
  • Insurance certificate from the financial consequences of civil and professional liability.
  • A work contract, notarized, to be concluded between the agency owner and the travel and tourism agent, when necessary.
  • A work permit for a foreign travel and tourism agent.
  • Certificate of registration of the name with the National Center for Commercial Registry.
  • Record of protests (numbered and signed by the external departments of the Ministry in charge of Tourism).

The person assigned to manage the tourism and travel agency (the agent) must meet one of the following conditions:

  • To have a postgraduate degree in tourism or hospitality.
  • To have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in higher education, with proof of seniority of one (01) year as a tire or similar, in the tourism field.
  • He must have obtained a high-tech diploma in hotel or tourism, with proof of seniority of one (01) year as a coach or something similar, in the tourism field.