The corner of Sidi M’hamed Ben Ali

Zawiya Sidi M’hamed Ben Ali

Is located in the municipality of El Obeid Majja and is considered one of the oldest scientific corners in the state of Chlef. Its history dates back to the fifteenth century AD. Where the great Bey Muhammad built the mausoleum on the tomb of the scholar Sidi M’hamed Abhloul Al-Majaji, one of the scholars and righteous saints for whom the Wilayat of Chlef is famous. This good guardian is considered one of the honorable people of Granada and its notables. The zawiya is still a beacon of knowledge and a destination for students and memorizers of the Qur’an from all parts of the country. During the colonial era, many precious manuscripts were burned and all relics were destroyed, so that its students and sheikhs joined the resistance of Emir Abdel Qader, to become a kiss for the revolutionaries and a starting point for all operations in the vast plain of Chlef.