Tragniyah waterfall

Al-Traghania Waterfall:

Families and young people flock to this area, which combines the green of the jungle and fresh water flowing from the top of the waterfall and emerging from among the mountain slopes, families and young people who preferred to discover camping in such areas in an out-of-the-ordinary scene that indicates the development of tourist awareness among the citizen and his love to discover such beautiful places scattered across the country .

Al-Targhaniah Falls is a virgin natural area that visitors enter through one of the forest paths at the level of National Road No. 11, and while it was previously the preserve of the people of the region, today it has become a destination for tourists from different states of the country, where the vacationer does not land on the beaches of tennis, but curiosity leads him to head towards Tragnya Falls.

Murad praises the aesthetic and attractiveness of the Tragniyah Falls, which tempted him to come with his friends from the city of Tipasa in search of recreation and comfort of another kind, driven by a kind of adventure by cutting mountain paths and trying to climb to the top of the waterfall to grill fish and prepare tea in a session that the speaker describes as unique and special.

The waterfalls of Al-Targhaniah guarantee its visitor a less humid tropical atmosphere and a beautiful view of the flow of water and the scattering of its drops, while the caves and rock inscriptions, which were drawn by nature due to the passage of time, are a reason to take souvenir photos that perpetuate the splendor of the place and your passage from here.